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Introduce your little one to dance class etiquette by learning the basics of Ballet & Tap, waiting patiently for his/her turn, following the teacher's directions and initiating the muscle memory that grows with every class attended.


The first few classes may bring tears, but we always encourage consistency that gradually softens any fears. Before you know it, your little one will be begging to stay for more! 


The genre of Jazz will always surprise you! One day you will find yourself in a smooth Contemporary, and the next, a bright Broadway routine. Learn your favorite leaps and turns after a deep stretch of your entire body, reaching toward that goal of effortless splits.


So much can be said, without actually saying any words. Lyrical is the art of telling stories, emotions & messages through the moves and transitions of a dance. The idea is more on the feeling than the structure, yet the most amazing of dances takes the technique of dance and the expressions of dance, and can bring people to tears.


Do you tap your toe to every catchy beat? If you can feel a rhythm, and keep tempo, then throw on some tap shoes and join one of our classes. Better yet, if you are always the one not quite in-sync...maybe it's time to change that! Tap dance is a great workout physically and mentally. 

Tango Dancers


Take a little Pop! Add some Sizzle! Mix in Jazz Hands and you've got yourself a class that will work your facial expressions as much as your snapping fingers! If you are enrolled in either a Ballet or Jazz class with us, then you are eligible to add this class to your schedule too!


If you feel something too technical in a leotard is not screaming your name, but you can't help but move to any tune that plays, come explore the Hip Hop classes that can range from the original style formed in NYC, the West Coast's robotic take to the grand dance battles of the 80s & 90s.

You will be challenged in different ways, but we promise, best of all, you will have a genuine good time!


Dancer in Blue


Is turning and leaping your favorite parts of Jazz and Ballet class? This class focuses on the practice of repetition that leads to effortless dancing technique.


Your little one can start dancing with us at only 18 months! And what's better than having a familiar face join right alongside. This class is a great preparation for the Combo classes by allowing Mommy, Daddy or another parent-figure to be there; building the confidence needed to enter dance class all by themself the next year!

Playful Child


Everything is better when you start with the basics. This class can assist your child with their natural instincts to jump, roll and flip. We prioritize safety when teaching proper technique.

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